• KAN ICHI Japanese style white stew.
  • Mainly composed with:
    • Chicken
    • Mixed vegetables
    • Milk
    • Miso

  • A bowl of miso soup with white radishes and leeks
  • A Japanese dessert, Daifuku Mochi (Rice cake filled in the center with sweet Azuki red bean paste) whose flavor is to be chosen below

For your information regarding Daifuku:

NATURE: Traditional white Daifuku.
KINAKO: orange color, Kinako is roasted soy powder. Mixed with sugar, it is used in many Japanese desserts including Daifuku.
YOMOGI: green color, yomogi mochi or kusamochi is a wagashi, traditional Japanese pastry. It is a jelly made from sagebrush (aromatic plant) and sticky rice.

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Allergen information
Stew: flour, presence of gluten, soy, milk, butter.

Soupe Miso (Miso Soup): presence of fish, soy, possible traces of gluten.
Mochi Nature:  possible traces of gluten, soy, nuts, sesame seeds.
Mochi Kinako:  presence of soy, possible traces of gluten, nuts, sesame seeds.
Mochi Yomogi:  possible traces of gluten, soy, nuts, sesame seeds.